Laura Kenins

I'm a journalist and comic artist.

I'm a writer based in Halifax, Canada, specializing in arts and culture. I've worked internationally in journalism, copywriting and editing and I'd love to discuss your project with you.

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This New Brunswick town was literally haunted by the radio

New documentary chronicles the bizarre effects of Sackville's radio towers

Trans canada article

This Nova Scotia filmmaker is redefining 'Trans-Canada'

Samson Learn is travelling across the country to document the lives of transgender Canadians

Rokudenashiko kayak article

Meet Rokudenashiko, the most 'obscene' comic artist at TCAF - CBC ...

Artist has battled Japan's legal system over her anatomical work

Arts feature2 640e65660ceb9e39 article
The Coast

Sharon Jones: The hardest working woman in show biz | Festivals ...

Sharon Jones: The hardest working woman in show biz...

The last art college afterparty article

100 years after Dada, NSCAD's Art Bar/Cabaret Voltaire turns Halifax upside down - CBC Arts

Performance-art space spearheaded by NSCAD University's Anna Leonowens Gallery

Beck gilmer osborne article

Four performances to check out at Halifax's Art in Fest - CBC Arts

The works aims to foster a growing performance art community

Arts feature1 629f32a2f1420006 article
The Coast

Bridget Moser’s worker persona

The patch of river rock tucked under the stairs at Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery may never have caught your eye, but it's one......

Guitar 01 article
The Coast

10 ways to see a summer concert for free | Hot Summer Guide ...

No money? No problem. You can enjoy these summer concerts free of charge.

Evangelia tastsoglu article

Selectively welcome | Atlantic Books Today

Author says discrimination faced by newcomers is compounded by sexism in the case of women

Imageedit 138 4737661089 article

Picking Sides in Comics: If Comics Are Literature, Why Don’t I Feel like a Writer?

The Town Crier: Holiday and birthday money never came with the stipulation not to spend it on comics in our house. I got in trouble no matter what my choice of after-bedtime reading material was. So I may have missed the memo that comics weren’t literature.

Art obey article
The Coast

Art infestation

The Art In Fest festival brings a visual arts component to the Obey Convention underground music festival, adding five sound and media-based projects to the......

Vis arts 2 article
The Coast

How to spend your summer in the galleries | Hot Summer Guide ...

Cool down this season by cruising must-see local visual arts exhibits and performances

Write Who You Know: A Discussion with MariNaomi and Kendra Yee

The Town Crier: It’s not unusual for men to be treated as serious professionals early in their comics careers, even if they’ve only published a handful of work—to be profiled in the media or discussed alongside other, more well-known authors. It’s rare, however, to hear about young female creators before they’ve received some kind of stamp of approval.

Lapsos cover 243x366 article
LA Review of Books

Ambivalence and the Cosmic Subconsciousness - The Los Angeles ...

Ambivalence and the Cosmic Subconsciousness - The L...