Laura Kenins

I'm a journalist and comic artist.

I'm a writer based in Halifax, Canada, specializing in arts and culture. I've worked internationally in journalism, copywriting and editing and I'd love to discuss your project with you.

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National front%28by wato tsereteli%29 2 article

The Centre of Contemporary Art :: - Baltic, Russian ...

"Legally, our name is the Center for Contemporary Art. But 'for' sounded too engaged for me, so I wanted it to be more relaxed: the centre of contemporary art. 'Of' is a mistake in this context, English people told me, like geographic centre. And Tbilisi isn’t the centre of anything…"

Official edited 1 article

National Therapy :: - Baltic, Russian and ...

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Norway's “Congolese village” human zoo, and two artists, Fadlabi and Lars Cuzner, plan to restage this exhibition in its entirety as a comment on the changing, or perhaps unchanging, face of racism in Norway.

Dan 01 article

The Way We Are :: - Baltic, Russian and ...

Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi’s drawing installations date back to his apartment in the 1980s in Ceauşescu-ruled Romania, where he took to covering the apartment in paper and drawing on his own walls in frustration with the lack of possibilities and censorship artists faced.