Laura Kenins

I'm a journalist and comic artist.

I'm a writer based in Halifax, Canada, specializing in arts and culture. I've worked internationally in journalism, copywriting and editing and I'd love to discuss your project with you.

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2013 119 article


"Escapists and Jet-Setters: Residencies and Sustainability" by Laura Kenins. Additional Resources. Readings, sources and links. residencies. Autumn 2013....

Escapists and Jet-Setters

residencies. Autumn 2013. Escapists and Jet-Setters: Residencies and Sustainability. by Laura Kenins. Artist residencies have become so commonplace that we ......

2012 116 article

C Magazine Issue 116 "Collections"

by Laura Kenins. Lands Beyond: Charles Stankievech's Intangible Archives. by Pandora Syperek. Volumes: The Book as Exhibition. by Anna-Sophie Springer....