Laura Kenins

I'm a journalist and comic artist.

I'm a writer based in Halifax, Canada, specializing in arts and culture. I've worked internationally in journalism, copywriting and editing and I'd love to discuss your project with you.

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The Coast

Sharon Jones: The hardest working woman in show biz | Festivals ...

Sharon Jones: The hardest working woman in show biz...

Arts feature1 629f32a2f1420006 article
The Coast

Bridget Moser’s worker persona

The patch of river rock tucked under the stairs at Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery may never have caught your eye, but it's one......

Guitar 01 article
The Coast

10 ways to see a summer concert for free | Hot Summer Guide ...

No money? No problem. You can enjoy these summer concerts free of charge.

Art obey article
The Coast

Art infestation

The Art In Fest festival brings a visual arts component to the Obey Convention underground music festival, adding five sound and media-based projects to the......

Vis arts 2 article
The Coast

How to spend your summer in the galleries | Hot Summer Guide ...

Cool down this season by cruising must-see local visual arts exhibits and performances

Mocean feature1 article
The Coast

Mocean Dance’s survival in a wild land

The barren, windswept landscapes of Sable Island have inspired artists and travellers for centuries. Among its recent devotees is Vancouver-based choreographer Serge Bennathan, who joins......

Pelstring obey article
The Coast

Above Standard Play

Somewhere in a basement, two sisters have fallen asleep with the television on. A dirty VCR distorts voices. These banal vignettes set the stage for......

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The Coast

Measha Brueggergosman celebrates Christmas in Halifax

It's coming on the holidays, and while some are putting up reindeers, others are planning a quick last-minute trip to Norway and touring the Maritimes......

The Coast

Patterson's past | Fall Arts Preview | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Patterson's past | Fall Arts Preview | Halifax, Nov...

Arts feature3 article
The Coast

Waiter, there’s a grant in Halifax Soup

Hungry for a little more culture in the city? A new micro-grant initiative, Halifax Soup, is looking to fill your stomach and mind with a......

Visualart hermesgallery article
The Coast

Feast your eyes on this summer's visual arts

All summer Halifax Art Boat After a successful first summer, the Halifax Art Boat is back, but this year it's a landlubber. Hosted by the......

Starter article
The Coast

New Music issue 2015

Twenty-seven new bands to sink your teeth into this summer. From metal, rap, blues, jazz, rock, pop, punk, folk and some new genres that haven’t......

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The Coast

First-ever BAFF isn’t a “special” event

Nova Scotia doesn't always rank first, but one statistic we lead in nationally is the percentage of the population with a disability—"self-identified disability," reachAbility CEO......

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The Coast


Trans individuals have a hard enough time outside of LGBTQIA spaces, so it's another blow when you don't see yourself reflected in events at a......

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The Coast

Call and response

In the summer of 1861, British-Canadian painter William Hind accompanied his explorer-brother Henry on an expedition, led by Innu guides, to the Labrador peninsula and......