Laura Kenins

I'm a journalist and comic artist.

I'm a writer based in Halifax, Canada, specializing in arts and culture. I've worked internationally in journalism, copywriting and editing and I'd love to discuss your project with you.

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Picking Sides in Comics: If Comics Are Literature, Why Don’t I Feel like a Writer?

The Town Crier: Holiday and birthday money never came with the stipulation not to spend it on comics in our house. I got in trouble no matter what my choice of after-bedtime reading material was. So I may have missed the memo that comics weren’t literature.

Write Who You Know: A Discussion with MariNaomi and Kendra Yee

The Town Crier: It’s not unusual for men to be treated as serious professionals early in their comics careers, even if they’ve only published a handful of work—to be profiled in the media or discussed alongside other, more well-known authors. It’s rare, however, to hear about young female creators before they’ve received some kind of stamp of approval.

Comics Criticism: A Reading List

The Town Crier: An Annotated List for New Converts and Frustrated Ones

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TC Guest Editor on Grants for Comics Creators

Laura Kenins on the eligibility of comics creators to receive government grants from Canada Council, and from specific programs in Ontario and Québec....